Friday, February 21, 2020

How have your personal and professional experiences influenced your Essay

How have your personal and professional experiences influenced your decision to pursue a career in medicine - Essay Example In my home country, I realized that many expectant mothers (my relatives) delivered at home for lack of access to healthcare services locally and for their incapacity to afford such services. As a result, many women end up dying as they are attended to untrained and inexperienced midwives in the home environment. My experience back at home reveals that the high levels of mortality and morbidity are directly related to the poor healthcare services that community members have access to. My experience in the U.S. has convinced me that the situation in Togo can be reversed so that members of public have equal access to quality healthcare services. In the U.S. people have great access to healthcare services and are well informed about how to prevent several ailments. My experience as a direct care specialist for individuals who are mentally and physically disabled has convinced me that with good care, the quality of life of patients can be significantly improved. Each of these experiences has motivated me to seek ways of improving people’s lives. My compassion toward those who are experiencing physical and emotional pain has been reinforced by my personal and professional experiences. At the end of the day, I would not want to see lives being lost due especially to medical

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