Monday, March 9, 2020

Pornography and Violence against Women

Pornography and Violence against Women Pornography is the description of explicit content with the aim of arousing someone sexually. The media used in storing contents of this nature include books, video, film, animation, painting, photos, and magazines just to name but a few.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Pornography and Violence against Women specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More People who pose for pornographic pictures are referred to as models whereas those who assume a character in pornographic movies are called porn stars. Emanuelle (2002) argues that pornography can be classified into several forms namely alt, armateur, fetish, orientation based, orgy, race oriented, reality, and soft and voyeur pornography. Studies conducted in the recent past indicate that the increase in the accessibility of pornographic materials has led to increase in sexual crime, especially against women. When the person who is being exposed to explicit content is not married or in a stable relationship he/she will look for alternative means to quench his/her sexual desires. The alternatives here include other people who are forced into having sex unwillingly. Others include animals such as dogs and sheep. In such a situation the weaker sex, that is, women and children are prone to these attacks. If pornography is applied appropriately it can be used to improve the sex lives of married people and responsible adults. This is because sex in marriage is very vital because when it is not satisfactory, spouses will seek satisfaction from other people that they consider knowledgeable in matters regarding sex. Rape is as old as mankind and can be traced to biblical scriptures hence governments should invent proper structures that can be used to reduce its occurrence. Marriage counselors recommend use of pornography to conduct sex education. Most women do not appreciate pornography as a sexual reference database because they argue that the habits portrayed by po rn stars make them uncomfortable, such as licking ones genitals. According to Marianna (2003), women also experience marital rape perpetrated by their husbands. This kind of rape is rarely reported to the authorities because the society does not recognize marital rape. In most cases the husband comes out of nowhere and is sexually aroused but the wife in question is not ready for sex. Since men have stronger masculine than women, the wife is rendered helpless and gives in to her husband’s desires. The husband might inflict pain or injuries on the woman depending on the intensity of force used.Advertising Looking for essay on gender studies? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In general the society does not see anything wrong with marital rape because in most communities the woman is under obligation to satisfy her man’s sexual desires regardless of whether she enjoys it or not. This is the underlying reaso n as to why women don’t report cases of marital rape because they will be labeled as wives who do not want to grant their husbands their conjugal rights. Women also contribute to the rise in sexual crimes by putting on provocative clothes such as mini-skirts and tight trousers. Many people do not agree with this argument but it has been found to insight men into sex. Men are more sexually aroused by what they see with their eyes as opposed to women who view sex as emotional. Women should keep off from lonely places because those are the most appropriate areas for this evil. They should not accept lifts from male drivers that are not known to them. Date rape can also be avoided by bringing along a close friend and by informing their families and friends about their whereabouts. This will be useful in tracing them just in case they go missing. Women should also avoid watching adult movies with people they would not want to have sex with because when the other person is turned o n they will choose the person who is most convenient to them. Violent sexual contents make men believe that women are sexual objects that can be used as one wish. Sexual offenders should be punished heavily to discourage the would-be offenders. Sexual crime rarely happens in Arabian countries because the women in those countries are prohibited from wearing clothes that are provocative and also men are not allowed to look at women in a suggestive manner. Men who commit sexual offense in these countries are stoned to death. The Islamic law strongly opposes sex before marriage but encourages men to marry as soon they come of age. Most men who commit rape are under the influence of drugs and therefore such men should be taken to rehabilitation centers where they receive guidance and counseling. People who produce pornographic contents should be held accountable for the social effects brought by their materials. This will make them to be cautious on who views their contents hence encoura ge responsible sexual behavior. References Emmanuelle, R. 2002.The Naked Untruth. AlterNet. 9 November 2010.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Pornography and Violence against Women specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Marianna, B. 2003.†The Roots of Western Pornography: Victorian obsessions and Fin-de-siecle predilections. Libido.† The Journal of sex and sensibility. Available at

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