Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Mechanical engineering Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Mechanical engineering - Essay Example Aerospace is an important field in which mechanical engineers are involved in the making of aircraft engines and control systems for airplanes (Herweck, 2009). Mechanical engineers also use biotechnology in designing and making fluidic systems for pharmaceutical industries and implants. Making electronics and computers is the other thing that mechanical engineers do because they make semiconductors and disk drives (Yadav, 2006). Mechanical engineers manufacture microelectromechanical systems such as micropower generation and actuators. It is the work of mechanical engineers to design ways of converting energy for example by making solar energy panels and wind turbines. They are instrumental in devising ways of environmental control including refrigeration and air-conditioning. Automation is another niche for mechanical engineers because they are able to make image acquisition devises and robots. In manufacturing, mechanical engineers make microfabrication, prototypes, and machine tools (Grote & Antonsson, 2009). Mechanical engineers devise ways of recycling waste, recovering resources from waste and converting waste to biomass all in an endeavor to protect the environment. They are involved in the making of marine vehicles and hyperbaric chambers that can help in utilizing offshore sources of energy. Mechanical engineers manage projects using engineering principles and techniques. They help in the repair, maintenance and upgrading of manufacturing plants and equipment. A mechanical engineer can also work in research and development of products. Mechanical engineers help in handling costly, dangerous, or exotic materials and equipment in industries. Making machines that handle or weave fabrics in textile industries is the work of mechanical engineers (Vashist, 2010). Mechanical engineers help monitor and commission industrial plants and systems. These engineers design and implement cost-effective modifications

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