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A Research Study On Data Mining - 1171 Words

Data mining is the process of discovering patterns, trends, correlations from large amounts of data stored electronically in repositories, using statistical methods, mathematical formulas, and pattern recognition technologies (Sharma n.d.). The main idea is to analyze data from different perspectives and discover useful trends, patterns and associations. As discussed in the previous chapter, the healthcare organizations are producing massive amounts of electronic medical records, which are impossible to process using traditional technologies (e.g., Microsoft excel). Therefore data mining is becoming very popular in this field as it can be used to identify the presence of chronic disease, detect the cause of the disease, analyze the effectiveness of treatment methods, predict different medical events, identify the side effects of the drugs, and so on. Kidney diseases such as CKD or AKI require immediate detection and medical attention based on the patient’s clinical condition, medical history, medication history and some demographical factors. From the literature survey, we discovered a good number of studies and tools that used data mining methods such as clustering, association, and classification to improve the decision-making ability of the healthcare providers regarding kidney disease. In the subsequence sections in this chapter, we present an overview of the data mining methods and discuss how they have been used in existing literature. 4.1. Overview of data miningShow MoreRelatedA Research Study On Data Mining3162 Words   |  13 PagesAbstract Data Mining is the non-trivial extraction of potentially useful information about data. In other words, Data Mining extracts the knowledge or interesting information from large set of structured data that are from different sources. There are various research domains in data mining specifically text mining, web mining, image mining, sequence mining, process mining, graph mining, etc. Data mining applications are used in a range of areas such as it is used for financial data analysis, retailRead MoreResearch Study : Data Mining As A Part Of Education1092 Words   |  5 PagesCASE STUDY A BRIEF INTRO ON CASE STUDY There are growing researches in data mining as a part of education. This new developing field, called Educational Data Mining, concerns with creating techniques that find information from data originate from educational situations. The data can be collected structure verifiable and operational data dwell in the databases of educational establishments. The understudy data can be close to home or scholastic. Additionally it can be gathered from e-learning frameworksRead MoreThe World Testifies Of Data And Our Understanding Of It Essay1481 Words   |  6 Pages1.1 Introduction (Ian, Frank Hall 2011) The world testifies to the increasing gap between the development of data and our understanding of it. Data mining is defined as the analysis of big observational data sets to establish unsuspected relationships that summarize the data in a novel, understandable and useful way to the data owner (David, Heikki Padhraic 2001). These relationships and summaries are referred to as models or patterns. Patterns comprise sets of co-occurring attribute values referredRead MoreData Mining And Machine Learning1631 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Nowadays, data mining and machine learning become rapidly growing topics in both industry and academic areas. Companies, government laborites and top universities are all contributing in knowledge discovery of pattern recognition, text categorization, data clustering, classification prediction and more. In general, data mining is the technique used to analyze data from multi perspectives and reveal the hidden gem behind the enormous amount of data. With the explosive growth of data collectionsRead MoreData Mining Area Known As Closed Itemset Mining Essay1600 Words   |  7 Pagesthe data mining area known as closed itemset mining. The work program includes analysis a one of well-known algorithms from the literature, and then modifying these algorithm in order to optimize their performance by reduce the number of frequent pattern. Data mining is the procedure of getting new patterns from large amount of data. Data mining is a procedure of finding of beneficial information and patterns from huge data. It is also called as knowledge discovery method, knowledge mining fromRead MoreComputer Based Technologies Impact On The Way We Live, Work, And Play969 Words   |  4 Pagesinto the first decade of the new millennium, data mining and analytics played important role in business practices. In the Educational field, data mining and analytics are useful to discover how people learn, to predict learning, and to understand real learning behavior. With this information, educational datamining can be used to design better and creative learning technology and to better inform learners and educators. The development of data mining in education was late compared to other fieldsRead MoreCustomer Relationship Management : Customer Satisfaction And Customer Development Through Customer Insight895 Words   |  4 Pagesthrough data analysis. This is where analytical CRM comes in. Analytical CRM is about analyzing customer information to better address the customer relationship management objectives and deliver the right message to the right customer. It involves the use of data mining models in order to assess the value of the customers, understand, and predict their behavior (Tsiptsis and Chorianopoulos, 2009). In the 21st century, the focus is moved toward scientific research on the new technology as Data MiningRead MoreData Mining And Its Impact On Healthcare1227 Words   |  5 Pagescopious amount of data we have access to today. This large amount of data can be overwhelming. While it once seemed impossible to sort through and extract meaningful patterns from these enormous amounts of data, automated data processing techniques have significantly advanced. Aided by discoveries in computer science, the sorting and interpreting of big data is now a possibility. This process of extracting meaningful pattern from large datasets is known as data mining. Data mining techniques have beenRead MoreBuilding A New Coffee Shop1045 Words   |  5 Pages Petone. Initial research has been completed on costings and viability of the business. Needs Analysis Consultants have been hired to consult a number of various primary and secondary data collection methods to determine the potential number of custom ers and whether it translates into a profitable income. Purpose The purpose of this report is to analyse the potential methods that may be used in conducting research for this project, and to outline the research design. Research Topic ManagementRead MoreA Study On Semi Automatic Dm Technique For Discovering Meaningful Relationships From A Given Data Set Essay1693 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction The term DM was conceptualised as early as 1990s as a means of addressing the problem of analysing the vast repositories of data that are available to mankind, and being added to continuously. DM has been the oldest yet one of the interesting buzzwords. It involves defining associations, or patterns, or frequent item sets, through the analysis of a given data set. Further-more, the discovered knowledge should be valid, novel, useful, and understandable to the user. Many organizations often

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