Friday, November 1, 2019

Environmental Ethics. Assignment 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Environmental Ethics. Assignment 2 - Essay Example It is a fact that human beings will perish if they do not constrain their actions towards the ecosystem or nature. The notion of anthropocentric is synonymous to human centeredness, which indicates that all ethics are related to humans. As far as it is concerned, only human beings are can reflect on the ethical aspects of disciplines; therefore all moral debates are usually human centric. Zoos are not immoral only because they provide an unnatural habitat to the animals. Zoos cannot be considered immoral as they help animals to survive. Good zoos try to lessen the impact on animals by providing them with the surroundings similar to their natural habitats. Some animals are kept in the zoos for their own safety and for the preservation of their species. Many of the endangered species of the animals are present in the zoo so that they may repopulate their society and at some point of time they may return back to their natural habitat. Tree-hugger is basically the term used for the environmentalist campaigners. It is also referred to the practices which prevent trees from felling down. The notion of tree hugger is all about the broad ideology, philosophy and social movement related to the protection of environment and the improvement of its health. The idea of tree hugger is also related to the environmental ethics as it is all about protecting the trees, which are considered to be one of the important natural resource of the ecosystem. Tree huggers speak about the environmental ethics related to the trees and about their sustainable management. Sustainable living offer the human beings an ongoing opportunity for practicing the spiritual mindfulness. Each of the eco-friendly acts performed by the humans (such as repairing, composting, recycling, reusing, eco-wise shopping and conserving energy and water) are also considered to be the acts of spiritual mindfulness. It is degree of mindfulness that we

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